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    Why Portfolio Management Services?

    Portfolio Management Service or PMS is a premium professional service exclusively managed by qualified portfolio managers. PMS caters to a niche segment of clients. The service is an investment portfolio diversified in different asset classes ranging from stocks, fixed income, debt, cash to structured products and other individual securities. PMS is tailored to meet specific investment objectives.

    Tailor-made investment plan: PMS is unique to your needs and built based on your age, income, risk appetite and plan.

    Dedicated portfolio manager: Access to highly accountable portfolio managers who are armed with in-depth research and analysis.

    Get superior returns: PMS can give you higher returns based on the aggressive investment strategy.

    Gain from diversification and leverage:  Mitigate risk with diversification and ability to leverage from investment instruments and economic conditions.

    Why invest with us

    Access to professional manager to deliver consistent long-term higher returns

    We offer continuous monitoring and periodic changes to optimise returns

    Get access to discretionary and non-discretionary options

    As part of risk control, we give real time information for immediate result

    Complete end-to-end hassle-free operation solution

    Transparency and customized advice