Corporate Group Insurance

The Ultimate Protection

Why Corporate Group Insurance
A group insurance provides insurance coverage for various group of individuals. A group insurance policy offers advantages of a standard coverage at a cheaper premium as risk is diversified to a large number of people. It is an insurance policy covering employer-employee groups or non-employer-employee groups.

Group Health Insurance
A Group Mediclaim Policy is a health insurance plan that covers a group of people who work in the same organization. The premium for these plans is cheaper compared with individual health insurance plans.

Group Personal Accident Insurance
A group personal accident policy provides you insurance against accidental death, permanent total and partial disability, temporary total disability, medical expenses for accidents. With us, you can get tailor-made policies based on your requirements with flexibility to change the cost.

Group Term Insurance
A Group term life insurance covers death benefit. You have flexibility to increase sum insured and provide coverage for multiple category of people. The claim settlement process is quick and handled by experts.

Group Gratuity Insurance
Group Gratuity Schemes pay gratuity benefits and can also provide a death benefit for employees. A good plan provides support without a financial impact. You can extend tax relief. Also get easy and prompt claim settlement without any hassle.

Workmen Compensation Policy
Workmen’s Compensation policy offers monetary compensation to the employees or nominee in case of medical emergencies during their employment period. In case of death or accident, it covers the legal liability of an employer to provide compensation to its workmen.

Group Superannuation
Group superannuation invests in a mix of equity and debt to eventual provide a savings for the employees’ retirement years. It is a retirement benefit offered by the employer to the employee. There are two types of superannuation schemes—defined benefit and defined contribution.

Group Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI)
Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme or EDLI is an insurance cover provided by the Employees Provident Fund Organization for private sector salaried employees. This scheme works in combination with EPF and EPS. In case of an eventuality during the working period of the individual, the nominee will get a lump-sum insurance pay-out.

Group Travel Insurance
As the name suggests, group travel insurance is a travel insurance policy that will provide insurance cover for a group of people. A group travel insurance protects against emergency medical deportation, cancellation of trip, individual accountability, hijack disaster and other catastrophes and others.

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