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Are you on track for the retirement that you deserve? With a good action plan with our experts,
you can retire like a boss.

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    Why you must have a retirement plan

    With higher life expectancy and the constantly evolving professional and business lives, retirement is now beyond a monthly pension. To have a comfortable and financially secure retirement life, retirement planning is a must.

    Start now: Though retirement planning is a long-term goal, the sooner you start the better it is for you. Make the most of the power of compounding.

    Focus on expenses: For the right retirement plan, you will need to estimate your expenses during your retirement life. Factor in the cost of inflation.

    Invest in long-term instruments: Taking risk in the long-term can work in your favor. Broaden your investment horizon and diversify your investment.

    Estate planning: As part of your retirement planning, consider estate planning to ensure your assets are distributed in the manner of your choice.

    Disha Capital Features

    Risk appetite-based retirement corpus

    Tax planning and estate planning part of retirement solution

    Single solution with exposure to diversified investment instruments

    Automatic switch to low-risk investment based on life stage

    Flexibility to customize portfolio on demand

    Investment solutions including insurance, mutual fund, fixed income, equity and others

    Personalized service with access to dedicated wealth advisor

    Premium doorstep visits and solution for all generations

    24X7 customer support for processing and advisory service​

    Get Financial Independence With Retirement Planning Products

    • Insurance
    • Mutual Funds
    • National Pension System
    • Pension Plans
    • Annuity Schemes
    • Health Insurance
    • Deferred annuity