Explore Funds

Explore Funds, a leading online mutual fund investment platform, is here to provide you world-class solutions for all your financial goals. Launched in 2017, Explore Funds, a registered mutual fund distributor and fully digital investment service platform, is driven by high-quality data analysis, offering sophisticated investment advice best suited for you.

Our Vision is to be the trusted mutual fund online solution for every Indian. And our Mission is to provide enhanced value for all our customers. Riding on this vision and mission, our dedicated experts strive to work exclusively with you, helping you grow your wealth by channelizing your money in the right mutual funds after carefully sifting through thousands of funds currently available in the market.

We understand that for retail investors picking the right mutual fund, starting from deciphering thousands of mutual funds distributed in multiple categories such as large-cap, multi-cap, mid-cap and small-cap to deciding between active funds and passive funds after factoring in risk appetite, can be a daunting task. Hence, we are here to declutter your money journey. Explore Funds will not only help you navigate the maze and make your financial journey simpler but will also provide deep analysis through easy-to-use technology at your convenience.

We are here for your long-term needs. Currently, the Indian mutual fund industry’s average asset under management (AUM) stands at Rs 25 trillion. The AUM of the Indian MF Industry has grown from Rs 6.30 trillion in 2010 to Rs 25.49 trillion in 2020, more than 4-fold increase in a span of 10 years. According to Association of Mutual Funds (AMFI), the total amount collected through systematic investment plans (SIP) is approximately Rs 8,000 crore every month. With Indians increasingly moving away from physical savings to financial savings and with the realization to beat inflation, the mutual fund industry is here to provide long-term growth.

Keeping your long-term needs in mind, we have partnered with all 44 asset management companies so that you don’t miss any mutual fund opportunity. You can completely rely on our team for the perfect investment solutions. Driven by in-depth expertise and passion for money management and technology, our core team, which includes a group of IIMs, II Tians, design and financial services experts, is here to carefully curate your portfolio, making it simple, transparent and accessible—anytime and anywhere.

At Explore Funds, our user-friendly technology enables you to automate your investment; explore and invest in best performing funds; manage, track and analyze the performance of your investment portfolio through sophisticated algorithm; switch your existing portfolio with paperless process; and open free investment account within minutes.

Investing through us allows you to easily find the best mutual funds suited for you. Besides detailed tracking of all your mutual funds, you can get curated selection of funds from our experts. With Explore Fund, you have the freedom to switch your existing portfolio as well as rebalance your portfolio instantly at zero cost. Besides getting 24X7 view of your portfolio, you can get free investment portfolio review and personalized experience with dedicated wealth manager anytime. From offering tax savings products and top-rated funds to providing consolidated view of your investments, Explore Funds provides the most innovative and cost-effective disruptive solutions.

Built on a hybrid model, Disha Capital, the parent company of Explore Funds, ventured into Mutual Funds in 2003 by acquiring Mutual Fund Distribution Centre. An experience mutual fund distributor, Disha Capital, along with online as well as mobile solution, offers you services at your nearest branches in multiple cities with an aim to provide maximum benefit to you. Besides mutual funds, Disha Capital also offers company deposits, insurance, bonds, non-convertible debentures, portfolio management service and others.

As we strive to serve you the best solutions, watch out this space for more products for a well-rounded financial journey.
Coming soon @ Explore Funds: Stocks, Gold, ETF and Bonds.